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Supermassive Black Hole: “I’ll wear protection next time.”

Supermassive Black Hole: “I’ll wear protection next time.”

This past week, it was reported that a neutrino from a supermassive black hole was detected in Antarctica. Contributing writer Sergei was going to interview the black hole, but he has been indicted. As such, I took this lovely opportunity to pick up the slack and speak to black hole (“Black”) about its intentions:

Winston: How far away are you from our solar system?

Black: About 3.7 billion light years away.

Winston: Do you have internet connection that far out.

Black: Yes, Time Warner has a new service for holes.

Winston: What is a neutrino?

Black: A ghost like particle that travels almost the speed of light, normally emanated from the sun. But this one was from me.

Winston: Some neutrino can’t make it up stream. How strong is yours?

Black: So strong. Thanks to, Tony Robbins, I got mine up to 300 trillion electron volts.

Winston: When you sent your neutrino down onto Antarctica, what was your intention?

Black: I’m still single and want to have a procreate before I go.

Winston: Did you propose?

Black: That was my proposal.

Winston: No ring?

Black: I’m, like, progressive. LOL!

Winston: And if the answer is no?

Black hole teared up.

Black: I’ll wear protection next time. I’ll be more careful next time.

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