Old Style Beer: “Screw Steroids”

Old Style Beer: “Screw Steroids”

This is past week, 36-year-old goalie Scott Foster Freeze make this emergency debuts in Chicago Blackhawks’ 6-2 win. Because Foster Freeze go from beer league to big league, I now must research how beer is better than steroid that Lancing Armstrong take for years. My interview with Foster Freeze Scott:

Sergei: So, Foster Freeze, you take steroids to make big league Black Hawks?

Scott: Just beer.

Sergei: Nyet, I can’t believe nothing like this. It must have steroid in it?

Scott: Just beer, man.

Sergei: You think beer is better than steroid?

Scott: No question.

Sergei: Is more fun to take than steroid, nyet?

Scott: For sure.

Sergei: But beer is makes your belly big, da?

Scott: Yeah, but it doesn’t shrink your testicles.

Sergei: Da, da, good point.

I make the note.

Scott: Yeah, Sergei, my Old Style beer says: “screw steroids.”

Sergei: Da, da, maybe Old Style has the pints to make?

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