Dancing With: The F.B.I.!

Dancing With: The F.B.I.!

Yeah, check it: as reported by The New York Times, during his back flip, an off-duty FBI agent’s gun fell on the floor from the back of his pants and shot an onlooker. To make it mad safe for off duty agents to dance with guns in their pants, Dancing With The Stars producer BBC Worldwide is starting to train FBI agents on how to dance with their pistols.

Sunny: Yeah, yeah, so can a cat dance with two pistols in his pants?

BBC: Oh please, Mr. Robinson. Two is nothing.

Sunny: What about three?

BBC: If you take our Dancing With The FBI course, you can dance with up to four.

Sunny: Word? .9mm only or can I go Dirty Harry and rock a .44 Smith & Wesson?

BBC: We are a family-oriented enterprise, Mr. Robinson. Nothing dirty or harry about us.

Sunny: Yeah, so, um, what’s one of the lessons I learn from your class?

BBC: If you dance with your guns, Mr. Robinson, make sure they are locked, loaded, safety off.

Sunny: Loaded with hollow points?

BBC: Only hollow points. It adds to the suspense and drama of the stunt.

Sunny: Can I meet some foxy honeys doing an MC Hammer dance with my pistols?

BBC: Only if you say, “Can’t Touch This” while you do.

Sunny: And only if nobody gets capped? [“Capped” means shot. Editor-in-Briefs.]

BBC: That goes without saying. With our class, you’ll make Mr. Hammer look JV.

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