The Budget Whine Hall Of Fame

The Budget Whine Hall Of Fame

So, this past week, there is article in Wall Street Journal about the best budget wines. To get more on the best whine for your dollar, I am doing this interview with Ms. Lettie Teague, the author of the article about the best whines.

Divine: So, ma chere, you like whines?

Lettie: Love them.

Divine: Why you like the whines?

Lettie: Cause they make life worth living.

Divine: So you look forward to your weekly whine?

Lettie: No doubt.

She sips this Oregon pinot noir wine.

Divine: What is you favorite whine for the dollar?

Lettie: As I say in the article, probably the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

Divine: Mais, but what about people who wait in DMV line. They have good whine, non?

Lettie: Not as good as the Chilean Blanc.

Divine: Oh, come on, what about the tax season whines. They are pretty and cheap, non?

Lettie: Maybe, but Chilean Blanc tops.

Divine: Okay, but the best whine I experiencing in my life was by John McEnroe.

Lettie: He makes the wine?

Divine: The best – but he is also very the talented player.

She shrugged.

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