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Monkey Gets Day In Supreme Court?

Monkey Gets Day In Supreme Court?

Recently, The New York Post reported how a monkey named Naruto got screwed out of making coin off his photo all cause he can’t own a copyright. Naruto recently hired attorney Alan Dershowitz to represent him on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. I interviewed Naruto about the case:

Benny: Yeah, so Naruto, are you pissed or what??

Naruto: Kind of.

Benny: Why not all the way?

Naruto: I got likes on my Facebook page now.

Benny: Plus more bananas.

Naruto: Yeah, yeah, doesn’t make up for them taking my photo from me. I mean, dogs get spas in New York City and I get this b$*(@#$t? 

I ignored his anger. He pissed below the table on my J.W. Weston boots. Luckily, there were Gore Tex.

Benny: So how you affording them legal fees?

Naruto: I did a Kick Starter campaign.

Benny: Do you think you’ll get the money you need?

Naruto: Yeah, I mean, if I can’t own no copyright cause I ain’t human, then that means I can’t be busted for selling knock of Guccis, Hermes, and Prada, in Ventimiglia, Italy, right? 

Benny: Probably not, for the same reason.

Naruto smiled. 

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