Angel of Salem

Ooh, she’s hot!

Wait, she’s a witch?

And she’s a 16 year old mass murderer from Salem, Massachusetts?

Angel of Salem



That is what the government wants you to think.
Nineteen men are found hung on trees outside Amber Francis’s family’s circus.
But the circus is a front for the Underground Railroad. The dead men were supposedly bounty hunters trying to recapture escaped slaves working at the circus.
The government doesn’t care.
Amber is indicted for the 19 murders. She flees and tries to hide out as a nun in a San Francisco Catholic Church.
Is Amber a cold-blooded murderer or a freedom fighter?
What are Amber’s family secrets in Salem and will they ruin her – or protect her from the evil that finds her in San Francisco?

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Ryan was raised in Calabasas, a legendary Wild West frontier town during the Gold Rush. This novella is the second of three prequels to his sixth book, The Naïve Daring of Outsiders, a murder mystery in which two outlaws and a witch allegedly disguise themselves as Catholic clergy and then 19 priests disappear throughout 1876 San Francisco. For more information, please check out our bookshelf here: