Pirate in the Closet

Black lives don’t matter,

Irish lives don’t matter,

I’m black Irish, so my life doesn’t matter.

Why should Father Shane Egan think any different? He grew up in sinister South Boston.
This explains why he has burglarized, tortured, and killed dozens.That’s what the government wants you to think.
Omitted from Father Shane’s lengthy police file are eyewitness interviews. They suggest the murder victims terrorized Father Shane, who is also gay, and that someone else committed the barbaric crimes.
The government doesn’t care. Is that surprising?
In Boston, Father Shane is indicted for first-degree murder. He flees to San Francisco and tries to hide from his checkered past as a Catholic priest.
Is Father Shane a sinister pirate terrorizing innocents, or a love vigilante fighting against tyranny?


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Ryan was raised in Calabasas, CA, a legendary frontier town that is now Kardashian headquarters. He is the author of six satirical crime thrillers, the first of which was a top 3 new hot comedy release on Amazon, whatever that means. This novella is the third and final prequel to his sixth book, The Naive Daring of Outsiders. In it, Shane, another Catholic priest (suspected outlaw), and a nun (known to be a Salem witch) are accused of murdering 19 priests in 1876 San Francisco. Currently, Ryan is working on the Volume II of The Naive Daring of Outsiders, and a novella about two misfit intelligence agents who try preventing World War III.

“Book is about a real crook. Refund? Hello? Had to drink pints of vodka to forget. (Admission: I loved Pink Ivy League chapter.)”

Mr. Anderson Cooper
CNN and, like, others

“Book sucks bad. But, if I was in a street fight, I’d want Father Shane Egan holding my hand.”

His Holiness Pope Francis
The Vatican

“WTF? Think different? This isn’t even thinking. (But Satan Whisperer chapter did get me thinking about a new app. Shh.)”

Mr. Tim Cook
Apple Inc.

“This crap sells? (I must admit: the Ass Backwards chapter got me thinking about military strategy in another way.)”


Ms. Barbara Walters

“I starred in The Departed. I know South Boston. This is more wussy South of France. (Wait, French Connection was in Marseille. So maybe Father Shane Egan is tougher than I thought?”)

Leonardo DiCaprio
Actor dude

“Don’t waste your time. Watch Good Will Hunting instead. (Confession: if Father Shane wasn’t a priest, and wasn’t gay, I’d make out with him.”)

Ms. Minnie Driver