The Naive Daring of Outsiders

Quality FilthSatirical Crime ThrillersThe Naive Daring of Outsiders

They even scared Lucifer. 

Two outlaws and a witch disguise themselves as Catholic clergy.


Then nineteen priests in San Francisco are murdered. After the first murders over Easter, Jasper Amos, an undercover detective, investigates.
He starts collecting incriminating evidence against the outlaws and witch. To hang these alleged killers, the prosecution is going to rely on Jasper’s testimony. At the start of the trial, he desperately wants justice for the nineteen dead priests.
Toward the middle of the trial in December of 1876, however, Jasper discovers terrible secrets. They make him question whether the three defendants are guilty.
Will Jasper lie to save them the death penalty?

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Ryan grew up in Calabasas, CA, a Wild West frontier town. This is his sixth satirical crime thriller. His first was an Amazon top 3 new hot comedy release, whatever that means. For more on the infamous histories of the two priests and nun featured in The Naive Daring of Outsiders, read the novellas Outsourced to Lucifer, Pirate in the Closet, and Angel of Salem. Currently, Ryan is working on Volume II of The Naïve Daring of Outsiders and a thriller about misfits who try preventing WWIII. In addition, he is the creator and editor-in-briefs of Quality Filth. When he isn’t doing that, he bikes, hikes, swims, and cooks like a wanna-be Italian chef.


This novel is so bad I had to go to confession for how many times I threw it out the window like a paper plane. (Confession: I love paper planes.)

His Holiness Pope Francis
The Vatican

Writing? This book is a 5 year old girl scribbling. (But the scribbling wasn’t bad.)

Mrs. Hillary Clinton
The Democratic Party

Thew up when I read it. Honest.

Mr. Robert DeNiro

Unadulterated rubbish. (However, better than Danielle Steals books I’ve read!)

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen of United Kingdom

Someone should recount this ‘author’s’ education. (But, give me a break, I even giggled to myself once while getting my hair styled at that quiet outlaw Father Luther Wolf.)

President Elect Donald Trump
United States

While I don’t believe in failure, this book made me think twice.

Ms. Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Productions

A humble Buddhist monk, I am, but this is, like, totally naive.

His Holiness the Dali Lama
Spiritual Leader of Tibet

Obviously, these outlaws didn’t go to Harvard Law School, so JV!

President Obama
United States of America

I thought at least SOME Americans were supposed to be smart? WTF is this?

President Vladimir Putin
Russian Federation