Outsourced to Lucifer

By twenty-three, Blue was the most wanted man in America.

But it’s not women who wanted him,

Or even handsome gay men.

Instead, it was the U.S. government. They called him a terrorist. But Blue Hardin was a loving and peaceful Quaker boy growing up in Illinois. While his grandparents fought in the American Revolution, nobody expected that Blue would graduate to the outlaw life.
But all of us have our limits.
After Blue is orphaned, the U.S. government kills his adoptive Native American family. When his foster parents abused him, the local authorities ignored his pleas. Blue then invents his own brand of sinister justice.
At 23, Blue flees to San Francisco and hides out as a Catholic priest. Is Blue a terrorist like they say, or an American patriot? Will his troubled past follow him to San Francisco, or will he discover even darker secrets there?

Buy the novella for $2.99 and find out! 

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“This is a fascinating book. All the hallmarks of good intimate drama against the backdrop of an epic historical landscape. A real adventure and at times very touching and heartfelt . . . This would also make a great film.”

Ms. Hollywood Producer X (Real person!)
Underground Hollywood, Inc.

“Blue wasn’t from NYC. But that’s ok. He makes up for it in this enchanting story of a true American.”

Mrs. Eleonore Roosevelt
First Lady of the United States (Ret.)

“Come on. I’d would have been where Blue was at 23 by 10! (But at least he got there.) Get there too if you sit back, take a seat.”

Mr. Booker T. Washington

“Foster parents like that? Illinois gov allows it? Would have done worse. Just say: Yes!”

Mrs. Nancy Reagan
First Lady of the United States (Ret.)

“Worst book I read in my whole life. Only book I read in my whole life. One good thing: Search & Destroy crew got me at hello.”

Jesse James
Outlaws, LLC

“Nyet! Boring. (Oh, Blue, I wish you were older. Would love to have met you!)”

Catherine The Great
Empress of Russia

“Whatever. Try beating the British Empire. (Although Search & Destroy crew had me at hello, too.)”

President George Washington
CEO Outlaw Gentlemen, Inc.

Ryan grew up in Calabasas, CA, a Wild West frontier town, now Kardashian Headquarters. He has written six satirical crime thrillers, this being his third. His first, Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy, was an Amazon top 3 new hot comedy release, whatever that means. For more on what happens to Blue, ready the novella Pirate in the Closet and the novel The Naive Daring of Outsiders. When he isn’t doing writing, he practices law, bikes, hikes, swims, and cooks like a wanna-be Italian chef. He can be e-mailed at rlong@qualityfilth.com. Ciao!