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The Naïve Daring of Outsiders
The Naïve Daring of Outsiders by Ryan E Long
The Naïve Daring of Outsiders (2016)

There has been a downward spiral in Americans’ faith in institutions – including religion. Shocking news! After all, those Catholic priests were quickly brought to justice only days after their abuse was discovered by the Boston Archdiocese, as shown in the movie Spotlight.

Would it have been (A) days, (B) minutes, (C) months, or (D) seconds had those priests been doing such things in California’s Wild West?

Find out in The Naïve Daring of Outsiders. In it, two Catholic priests and a nun are tried for slaughtering 19 other priests in Wild West San Francisco. The earlier lives of the three defendants are featured in the novellas Outsourced to Lucifer, Angel of Salem, and Pirate in the Closet.


Pirate in the Closet (2016)

Today, each American is encouraged to think of their suffering as special. As a result, the stunning but fragile American quilt is being ripped apart.

The Irish famine forced 5 year old Shane Egan to live in South Boston’s slums. As he aged, he was persecuted even though he had corpse white skin because he was Irish, gay, and smart. His persecutors are mysteriously burglarized, bruised, or killed.

After being charged with the crimes, he flees to become a Catholic priest in California. Is Father Shane a sinister pirate who terrorized innocents, or a love vigilante who fought against tyranny?


Pirate in the Closet
Pirate in the Closet by Ryan E Long
Angel of Salem
Angel of Salem by Ryan E Long
Angel of Salem (2016)

Free thought in America is in danger. The Red Scare in the 1950s wasn’t right, but neither is today’s Blue Scare. As with the Red Scare, the federal government, with the help of Hollywood and higher education elites, intimidates freethinkers into submission. Quality Filth contributing writer Amber Francis is blacklisted by her high school for questioning authority, and is also sought for hanging 19 men. On the run, she tries to escape into the Catholic Church as a nun. Is she an angel of Salem or an angel of death?



Outsourced to Lucifer (2015)

Many Americans feel our priorities are warped. We have a failed war on drugs, but no war on pedophilia; some speak of free markets, but they often want to be too fat to fall; we go to war without fighting to win because we don’t know what winning means. Quality Filth contributing writer Blue Hardin, a Quaker born son of American Revolutionaries, falls victim to these issues in the 1800s. After inflicting his own sinister justice, he tries to hide out as a Catholic priest. Is he a terrorist or an American patriot?



Outsourced to Lucifer
Outsourced to Lucifer by Ryan E Long
Dirty Quiet Money
Dirty Quiet Money by Ryan E Long
Dirty Quiet Money (2014)

Right now American trust in government is at an all time low. This explains why 71% of Americans feel the economy is rigged. Dirty Quiet Money is a noir parody of corruption in today’s U.S. government. In a 1940s France occupied by the Nazis, crooked bureaucrats try and subdue a Resistance movement made up of Americans like Quality Filth contributing writer Sophia Gordon and generations of life-long criminals, including contributing writer Jacky Bonaparte. Who wins?



Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy (2013)

Mood disorders are most prevalent in the U.S. Western emphasis on medicating over spiritualizing isn’t working anymore. This black comedy tells the story about a twenty-year old who voyages around the world and learns how to deal with his demons from Mafiosi, a Holocaust survivor, a tranny, and a cancer survivor, among other strangers. Is it better to live a medicated isolated life or on the happy edge of anarchy?


Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy
Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy by Ryan E Long

What Readers Say

As much as this book is entertaining and quite the fun read, it also had take away for me about life lessons, where you learn them and also who you listen to.


I couldn’t put it down until it was all gone. Funny and fantastically written. Can’t wait to read his future works…


I didn’t want the book to end and there is a wonderful element of surprise! A must read…

Betsy Karp

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